Group Show: The Visitor

Image: Hayden Fowler, Goat Odyssey iii, film still, 2006 /  Image  © Hayden Fowler

Image: Hayden Fowler, Goat Odyssey iii, film still, 2006 / Image ©Hayden Fowler

Press Release / June 1 - July 1, 2012

Hayden Fowler 
Kathy Grayson
Matt Jones 
Cameron Michel 
Laura O’Reilly aka Miz Metro 
Micki Pellerano
Vashti Windish 

Black & White Gallery/Project Space, Brooklyn, NY proudly presets The Visitor - summer group show featuring artists working in film, drawing, sound, collage, painting and installation. Powerful and challenging works of Hayden Fowler, Kathy Grayson, Matt Jones, Cameron Michel, Laura O’Reilly aka Miz Metro, Micki Pellerano, and Vashti Windish open up portals to alternate universes, running simultaneously with our current time, existing somewhere between reality, myth, fantasy, and the post-apocalypse.

The title of the show is suggestive of the cult sci-fi film The Man Who Fell to Earth starring David Bowie. In the context of the show the viewer is the Visitor, an Other who is invited to penetrate the artists' seemingly fantastical but plausible realms in an attempt to save his own personal home planet.

Hayden Fowler’s hedonistic environments numb our senses and challenge the art-historical notion of the Gaze in a post- apocalyptic dimension. Void of any timeline, Fowler’s hermetic world decontextualizes art-historical imagery and ideas within a Sci-Fi narrative. Kathy Grayson’s pixilated technique reminds us that everything we perceive comes from and is made up of multiple dimensions and realities. Grayson’s break down of mass leaves us with a sample of what once was or will turn into. Laura O’Reilly aka Miz Metro manipulates sound samples and explores the infinite possibilities of the human voice. In our age of endless media and over connection, O’Reilly explores the endless loop of information that is put out while sending out her own signals into the universe. The Loop becomes a portal that reconciles space and time. Matt Jones’s paintings pull us into the infinite abyss of the unknown universe. Suggestive of a peep hole, Jones’s space paintings introduce hidden layers of narratives and dimensions. Micki Pellerano’s captivating drawings explore psychological neuroses, rites of passage, and alchemical allegories in apocalyptic proportion. Whereas Micki’s drawings take one on a journey of one's inner self, the collaborative work of Cameron Michel and Vashti Windish reveals an imaginary world where one can feel, wear and physically experience. Cameron and Vashti present a collection of images and artifacts of a world that lives deep in our solar system. They bring to our attention a system and way of life that might be currently alien to us but will soon have to be accepted as the norm. 

In the outdoor project space, the NewVillager, an art and music group, will construct a ring of hundred objects to represent a diagram of the monomyth, a storytelling system the group uses to create their music and art. On June 1st, during the opening reception ten NewVillager players, along with anyone who decides to join, will make a pilgrimage to the repurposed Bobby Redd church at 626 Bushwick Avenue in Bushwick, where they will perform at midnight as a part of the Holy BOS! festival. The event will be filmed and a map of the objects and players will be made available. All objects will return to the project space and will be on view until July 1st. 


During the run of The Visitor, Black & White Gallery/Project Space will host the outdoor film series presenting seminal science fiction films Solaris and Stalker by Andrei Tarkovsky, Liquid Sky by Vladislav

Tsukerman, and The Man Who Fell to Earth by Nicolas Roeg.

SCREENING SCHEDULE Saturday, June 23rd, 8pm - Liquid Sky

Film director Vladislav Tsukerman will host the evening with an introduction and Q + A Sunday, June 24th, 8pm - The Man Who Fell to Earth

Saturday, June 30th, 8pm - Solaris Sunday, July 1st, 8pm - Stalker