Everett Kane: Ground

The Ground series juxtaposes the most delicate aesthetics of memory with the brutalities of the contemporary world. Computer graphics and the veneer of 19th century photography join in Ground to create slippage in time, forcing tensions between the old, the new and the timeless to emerge. The images explore violence within tenderness, echoing current media conditions through a metaphorical juxtaposition of mechanical objects in intimate spaces. The project aims to both heighten perceptions and numb the viewer, following media's lead.

Everett Kane was born in San Francisco in 1971. He was educated at Princeton University and Art Center College of Design before entering careers in art, teaching, and freelance computer graphics.

Kane's work examines pain, emotion, violence, madness, torture, and politics. Central to all of his work is a desire to evoke empathy, pleasure and disgust through paradoxical and ambiguous presentations of bodies, histories, and memories.

Kane will have his first solo exhibition with Black & White Gallery in the spring of 2017. He has also shown at Location One, Chinatown Soup, White Box, Transfer, Envoy Enterprises, Kasia Kay Art Projects, Gallery Sensei, The Gallery of Contemporary Art, the Los Angeles Municipal Gallery, Animamus Art Salon, and the Los Angeles Arboretum.

He is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Digital Arts at Pratt Institute.